Your Business, Your Products

Tell your story by creating a product that distinctly represents who you are and what you are about. It takes courage to put yourself out there, to stand apart from the crowd. But that's why you're in business - because you're different and unique. At Majjak there is nothing that we love to do more than create candle and fragrance products that embody your business. We want your customers to remember you and your business whenever they are dazzled by the scent of a product they purchase from you.


Create Your Range

Why tell someone else's story when you can tell your own?  With years of experience behind us we will work closely with you to create products that promote who you are and what you stand for.


Your Choice

Imagination is likely to be your only limitation.  With an extensive range of vessels, fragrances and packaging options we can help you create your ideal product. And if we don't have what you're after, we'll do our best to find what you're looking for.


The Little Things

It's the little things we do for you that make all the difference. When you work with us the whole design is fully customisable - even minor things like candle warning labels

Personal Gift

Make Your Gift Personal. When you're after something different to give to those that are important to you but all you can find in the shopping centers are the same old things, why not have your own, personal gifts created. With the ability to combine fragrant and essential oils with any number of candle, fragrance or body products we can help you create your own very personal gifts for the people that are important to you.


A Unique Gift

When you're looking for the ideal gift or way of saying thank you nothing beats being able to create your own unique present.  It's the best way for someone to know that a gift is from you and you alone.


Something For Any Occasion

With what feels like a limitless selection of candle, home fragrance and body products and a variety of fragrant and essential oils to choose from you'll find something to suit every occasion.


The Little Things

It's the little things in your gift that will make all the difference. When you work with us the whole design is fully customisable - even small, seemingly trivial things like the colour of a ribbon.

Something Unique for Your Wedding

Candles have always been a symbol of celebration and romance.  Lighting a candle is a symbol of love and hope, of light, warmth and of celebration. Our stylish jars can be beautifully personalised to suit your wedding with your choice of personal message and dressing. With a large selection of vessels and fragrances we will help you design the perfect gift for your  family and friends. Design and create your own unique and memorable  bonboniere for your most special of days.


A Special Message

Create your own unique gift for your friends and family.  Personalise your message or even have your guest's name on your bonboniere and use it also as a place card.


Your Unique Bonboniere

Your unique bonboniere doesn't just have to be a candle.  You can have a combination of different options that can be presented to suit your special occasion.


Distinctive Additions

To create a distinctive touch to your gift add a ribbon colour of your choice.  Or give your bononiere in a special gift box also presented with your own unique message.