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Make Your Gift Personal

When you're after something different to give to those that are important to you but all you can find in the shopping centers are the same old things, why not have your own, personal gifts created.

With the ability to combine fragrant and essential oils with any number of candle, fragrance or body products we can help you create your own very personal gifts for the people that are important to you.


A Unique Gift

When you're looking for the ideal gift or way of saying thank you nothing beats being able to create your own unique present.  It's the best way for someone to know that a gift is from you and you alone.


Something For Any Occasion

With what feels like a limitless selection of candle, home fragrance and body products and a variety of fragrant and essential oils to choose from you'll find something to suit every occasion.


The Little Things

It's the little things in your gift that will make all the difference. When you work with us the whole design is fully customisable - even small, seemingly trivial things like the colour of a ribbon.