Fragrances » Valentine's Day Fragrances 2019

Valentine's Day 2019 Fragrances

A selection of our signature and essential fragrances that exude romance and passion.  



Fruity yet floral with notes of orange and bergamot sitting atop jasmine, peach blossom and musk.

Honey Berry

A soft sweet citrus which blends bergamot, honeycomb, musk and mixed berries.


A strong and spicy mix of white lotus, vanilla and patchouli, giving a sensuous and heady aroma.

Love Story

A warm and luscious woody scent with citrus notes of bergamot and lemon peel, a soft earthy base of sandalwood, cedar wood and patchouli, with hints of vanilla and white musk.

Persian Rose

A dazzling bouquet of lilies, jasmine, pink peonies, rose de mai, orange blossom, and English rose. White musk, ambrette, and sandalwood add a soft and sultry finish.


A warm and stimulating fragrance blending mandarin, black pepper, rose geranium, and ylang ylang essential oils.