Fragrances » Christmas 2018 Fragrances


Candy Cane

A delectable combination reminiscent of the good old candy cane - fruity notes plus peppermint, sugar and spice give this fragrance a real festive feel.

Citrus Spice

A strong orange and mandarin base accompanied with notes of cinnamon and ginger that waters the mouth and warms the heart.

Clove & Orange

The subtle spiciness of fresh cinnamon and clove blended with sweet orange, peach, strawberry and hints of patchouli.

Mint Slice

A unique mouth watering blend of chocolate with peppermint essential oil to delight the senses.

Pink Candy Apple

A zesty blend of sweet pink apples, pomegranate, spearmint and vanilla with a dusting of sweet sugar frosting.

Pomegranate Champagne

A juicy, sparkling champagne cocktail with the wonderful aroma of fresh pomegranate.

Spiced Apple

Reminiscent of slices of juicy apples covered with brown sugar and cinnamon embraced in a warm baked crust.

Spiced Pumpkin

A warming blend of nutmeg, ginger, pumpkin and caramel on a sweet buttermilk base.

Three Kings

This heady aroma of frankincense, myrrh and cedar create a spiritual and uplifting scent.