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By: Mal | September 26, 2018


No doubt by now you're already thinking about Christmas.  Some of you are probably well into your preparations for the festive season.  

What to stock in your stores often comes down to two simple choices: What is popular and what is different.  But how do you choose?

On the surface the answer seems obvious.  I'm sure you know all the reasons as to why choosing to stock popular brands and their products makes sense.

When it comes to Christmas, we generally want to make the most of the opportunity that the festive season brings.  Clearing as much product off our shelves as possible seems like a great way of doing that.

It seems pretty risky, stocking something that your customers might not have ever seen before, something different from the norm.  Especially if there's a chance that your different item won't sell.  


And if you're stocked with a variety of unique products, it would seem logical that you run an even higher risk of having items that nobody wants.

But to think that way is to not give yourself enough credit.  After all, just about everyone in small business that we know started because they wanted to actually be different.


While it seems logical to stick with popular brands and their products, you also run a very real risk of becoming lost in the crowd.  After all, why would someone come to your business if the other business down the road has exactly the same popular items?   

Choosing to stock something unique, items that can only be found at your business gives people a reason to come and see you.  The difficulty lies in trying to figure out what is not only different, but will also appeal to your customers.  While people can provide you with advice, it's something only you can truly figure out.  After all, no one knows your business like you do.


Getting it right however, gives your customers a reason to come to you and you alone.  It makes your business a talking point, a way of standing out beyond the festive season and into the quieter months of the year.

So daring to be different isn't easy.  But it's an investment in your own brand that will pay dividends well beyond the end of the festive season.

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