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By: Mal | January 13, 2019


To say that our 2019 didn't quite start the way we had envisaged is probably an understatement.  Although not technically in 2019, Mrs Majjak did have an incident just prior to new year which has made the start to the 2019 somewhat challenging.

On December 27th, on a reasonably challenging section of trails, Kerry had a mountain bike accident at a fairly remote part of the Nerang mountain bike park.  Nearing the edge of the trail, she lost her balance and toppled down the side of a ledge.  Her 22kg mountain bike crashed down onto her leg as she rolled down the hill, screaming in agony until she came to a stop a few meters away from the trail.

After attempting to stand her up we realised that she was unable to put any weight on her leg and there was no way Kerry was going to be able to walk anywhere, let alone ride her bike back to the park entrance.  And so we called 000 and asked for rescue to a location that emergency services had little idea of how to get to.

Patiently waiting for rescue on a very narrow section of the trail.
Cast of thousands - or at least 3 Ambos, 4 SES and 1 guide for the rescue. At least they left the helicopter at home.

Over two hours later and with the assistance of a guide that we organised, a rescue party of seven people arrived... with lots of pain killers.  And after a small amount of planning Mrs Majjak was stretchered to a waiting 4WD Ambulance and taken to the local hospital.

Two weeks later, we unfortunately learnt that Kerry's knee suffered a meniscus tear, possibly requiring surgery.


And as life often does, it continues to challenge us.  However, despite not being able to walk properly, Mrs Majjak has already been busy in 2019, having already made a few hundred candles and body products.

So no matter what happens, we know that things can only improve from here - starting with Kerry being able to walk and ride her bike again (yes - she's keen to get back on two wheels!)

Into the 4WD Ambulance - it was a bumpy ride out!

And as for Majjak in 2019, one thing we really want to do more of is create new and interesting things for you, our customers.  So if you have any crazy ideas that you want to run past us, now is the time.  Mrs Majjak has a bit of thinking time on her hands at the moment!

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