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By: Mal | January 13, 2019

To say that our 2019 didn't quite start the way we had envisaged is probably an understatement.  Although not technically in 2019, Mrs Majjak did have an incident just prior to new year which has made the start to the 2019 somewhat challenging.

On December 27th, on a reasonably challenging section of trails, Kerry had a mountain bike accident at a fairly remote part of the Nerang mountain bike park.  Nearing the edge of the trail, she lost her balance and toppled down the side of a ledge.  Her 22kg mountain bike crashed down onto her leg as she rolled down the hill, screaming in agony until she came to a stop a few meters away from the trail.

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By: Mal | September 26, 2018

No doubt by now you're already thinking about Christmas.  Some of you are probably well into your preparations for the festive season.  

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By: Mal | September 11, 2018

This morning I received a message from a friend from the other side of the world. He wanted me to know that the doctors had told him that he likely only had a few days left and he wanted to thank me for my friendship across the years we'd known each other.

He was saying goodbye. Forever.

We went to high school together - the only friend I have left from those days. Smarter, more athletic and naturally talented, passionate and driven than I ever was, his presence in my life pushed me to do better. A year older than me, at 45 years old he will leave behind a wife and three children under the age of ten.

Easter this year doesn't seem like that long ago. It was when he'd let me know that he'd gone into hospital with some bad abdominal pains and th...

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By: Mal | April 05, 2017

Our kids (the big ones) are all independent now

Reaching that point in our lives where our children are fast becoming completely independent is a double edged sword. On one hand, the freedom that we both have now is liberating. We have a lot more time for us and the activities that we enjoy.

But on the other side of the coin, it can feel like that we’re no longer needed in the lives of our children.  And I think mothers probably feel this impact the most. 

Sunday - the latest addition to our family

Recently my youngest brother had his first child - Sunday (that’s his daughter’s name, not the day she was born). 

The reaction from all of the women in our family was instantaneous.  That desire to nurture, protect and care for the latest addition to our clan immediately jumped out of my mother, my sister, and of cou...

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